Provinces of Apocalypse

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Leader – Each compound has its own leader who is in contact with the Rover Fortress
Culture – After Coronation, sends their young out into the wild to bring back new members/start their own compound. Compounds are located throughout three of the four regions of Apocalypse. Before Coronation, they are not allowed to interact with those outside the Rover lifestyle.
Creed – “The future of Apocalypse.”
Industry – Exploration and expansion.
Rumors – The Rover Fortress is rumored to be hidden somewhere within the Greater Conquest Empire.
This is where E.V.i.E.’s central hub is located.
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Province of Conquest

Leader – Emperor of Conquest
Culture – Honor based. “Dirty” political actions take place in the shadows only.
Creed – “Cloaked in shadow.”
Industry – Silt-based technology
Rumors – There are great sights to behold in the Province of Conquest, as well as great danger.
Many journey here and are never heard from again. There is supposedly a secret Death temple located in the Capital City.
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Province of Death

Leader – Lord of Death
Culture – Practice occult rituals based on ancient gods. Human sacrifice common.
Creed – “Faith drives progress.”
Industry – Assassination
Rumors – There are rumors that an Oracle exists within this province that can locate anyone or anything… for a price.
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Province of Famine

Leader – Queen of Famine
Culture – Old money. Rampant cannibalism.
Creed – “Control in every measure.”
Industry – Banking + Human crops + Leisure
Rumors – Wealth abounds in this province. It is said that if ever the nobility lost control of their herds, Famine would quickly topple.
There has been talk of a man seeking a Rover to help him find his daughter.
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Province of War

Leader – Goddess of War
Culture – Unknown. No Rover compounds exist in this province.
Creed – “Forged through war.”
Industry – Weapons
Rumors – Along the borders of this province are cities and towns that other citizens are allowed inside of, but not allowed to buy anything.
Everything is kept orderly, but some would say it appears to be too orderly…
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